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What you need to know before making your decision

When first setting out on my wedding photography journey I said to myself, what would I want my wedding photographer to do? There is a really simple answer, I would want the photographer to be an extension of my guests. No crazy in your face photography, just natural, candid, beautiful photography.

If I become an extension to your guests, it's takes pressure out of photography for everyone. Less pressure just means your guests true personalities can shine through without them even realising I'm there.  I really believe that natural photography is a million times better than someone stood saying 'cheese' to a camera. This also applies to you as a couple, at some point during your day we can take five minutes away from your guests so you can have a breather and we can create some beautiful, timeless shots of just the two of you and this shouldn't be something you're dreading. It should be a time for you and your partner to relax and take some time to reflect on the day and really soak up all of the magical moments that are happening.

While you are soaking up all of those moments I go to work and capture the two of you in your environment. You will rarely hear me asking you to look at the camera. I'm a huge believer in getting you both to look at each other because you'll either laugh, cry or just have a romantic kiss and those emotions won't come when you are looking at a camera.


It's so important to find the right photographer for your wedding day so if you are like me and want romantic, timeless, candid photography then drop me a message and we can catch up over a drink and chat about your plans.



"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone"


Frequently asked questions

Have you got insurance?

Absolutely, I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover your wedding day. Sometimes venue’s ask for proof of this so by all means let me know and I can send over a copy.

What happens if I am ill on your wedding day?

This is such a big one and I get asked this all the time and for good reason. As a sole trader it’s very difficult for me to guarantee you anything however I do have measures in place to mitigate the effects if something like this were to happen. I am part of local and UK wide wedding photographer networks so this means that if I became too ill on your wedding day to take photographs I would reach out to these people to cover the wedding. In the event of this happening, all money paid to me would be transferred directly to the new photographer. If you have added a second photographer to your package then they would then become the lead photographer and I would look to source a new second photographer for your day. I would still do the editing myself so that your images retain the tones and colours from my style.

How long does it take to get my images?

Within 2 weeks I will send over 15-20 preview images for you to have a look at and share with family. Your complete gallery will be ready in a maximum of 12 weeks (usually a lot quicker) but it depends on the time of year to turnaround times.

Do you take family group shots?

Of course, I think having these are great to give the parents and grandparents after the wedding. I generally ask you to stick to around 10 groupings as they can take a significant amount of time to set up on the day. My style typically favours candid shots so I prefer to spend more time getting those natural shots but I completely understand that these shots are important.

Do we have to purchase products through you?

Not at all, I have partnered with some luxury bespoke product suppliers to give you the best quality products available but I completely understand if you just want to print the photos yourself.

What happens if a memory card fails?

Huge question and a very valid one. So here’s the nerdy part. I always have two cameras on me at all times during a wedding day. One, to give me two different looks to my photos but, two, because if one breaks I have an instant back up I can grab. In both of my cameras, they dual record to two memory cards simultaneously so for everyone one photo that is taken, two copies are stored on separate memory cards. If one were to fail, then I have a second already in the camera. When you have your wedding breakfast I also back up your images for a 3rd time to an external hard drive so that I can give you even more peace of mind that your photos are safe.

What happens if you haven’t been to our venue before?

As a UK based photographer it would be so difficult to know all venues inside out as there are just so many. There’s a really simple answer to this question and it’s one of two things. If it is reasonably local to me, I will head over and scout out the venue prior to the wedding or if it’s further afield I will arrive early to your wedding so I can have a look around and find all the best spots for your couple shots and Family group shots.

When you say retouch, what does that mean?

So there are definitely different levels of retouching, but I like to ethically edit my photos. So this basically means that there is no drastic changes to anyones appearance, shape or size I simply remove blemishes or spots etc that have decided to show themselves on your day. This keeps my photos as real and natural as possible and is a true representation of your wedding.

I have an idea for a photo, can we try it?

I am always up for trying new things so definitely, if you’ve seen something on pinterest or instagram and wanted something similar then just let me know. I try not to replicate exactly as I want to let my own style shine through but I will always take inspiration from things and try to work that into a shot.

Can I view previous albums?

Definitely, I think it’s super important to see these so just ask and I can send some examples over.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Trust me, it won’t be the first time! At the end of the day we live in the UK so bad weather is inevitable at some point but it doesn’t matter when or where you decide to have your wedding, there is always a possibility. Not much changes, your guests may be inside most of the day but this doesn’t stop me photographing them like I would if they were outside. Sometimes it even works in my favour as I get to hide behind more people to really blend in with your guests. Likewise, there is usually at least some dry spells during your day and as long as you are happy to, I am always keen to get outdoors and grab some couple shots. If it’s just too damn muddy then, no problem I will always have some backup locations inside if the weather just isn’t playing ball. The best thing to do is just relax and not even worry about it, it’s the only thing we have no control over on the day so just embrace whatever comes our way!

Are you able to recommend any suppliers?

Definitely, I’ve worked with a lot over the past few years so if you need any recommendations for florists, make-up, venue styling, hair, wedding planners etc just ask and I can send some details to you.

We didn’t get an album with our package but we’d now like one?

No problem at all, I archive all my images to a backup hard drive so I can go back to them if I need to. If you find that you did want an album, just let me know and I can design it and get it printed for you.

We aren’t really posey people, does that matter?

That’s absolutely fine! I’d say 99% of people actually don’t feel comfortable in front of camera and that’s okay, I’m included. My style is very natural and focuses on natural moments so when I say we are going for some couple shots this won’t be me telling you to stay still and put your hand here and put your arm there. I like to think of my style as more directional. We will go for a walk around your venue, find some beautiful locations to stop at and from there, I will simply ask you to just hold each other or hold hands and walk towards the camera. Trust me, I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t.

Do you take black and white photos?

On the whole, this isn’t something I do as I love to bring out the colours and tones from your wedding day. If you particularly requested a black and white image then by all means this can be arranged.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been working as a self employed professional for 3 years now. Before that it has been a very keen hobby of mine for the last 15 years. Whilst studying at college I was already earning small amounts from working with my own school to produce their prospectus’ and I even had work commissioned by Salisbury District Hospitals Children Unit where I had the privilege of meeting the Countess of Wessex for my work. I took the big leap after leaving a very mundane office job, went travelling for a few months to clear my mind and came back to put my heart and soul into building my photography business.

Do you Travel Abroad?

Absolutely, after photography my second passion is travelling so I’m very much used to getting myself off somewhere new to see. With international weddings I would arrive at least a day before the wedding so I can have a look around the venue and get my grips with the location to make sure your photos on the day are the best they possibly can be.

Do you offer half day packages?

I do offer half day packages if this is something that you need. This can be really useful if you are just having an elopement or more relaxed gathering but drop me a message for more information on pricing.

Do you offer midweek deals?

This completely depends on season and my availability. During the summer months, these are the busiest times so I can only fit a certain amount of weddings in per week so that I have time to focus on your wedding and making sure that quality comes over quantity. During the winter months I may be able to offer some deals so please drop me a message.

We have a videographer as well, will this be an issue?

Not at all! I have worked with videographers before and have found that most will let the photographer take the lead with most things anyway. It’s all about communication, before the day itself I can get in touch with them to go over their plans and make sure we aren’t getting in each others shots.

Can I have all of the unedited photos from the day?

Unfortunately not, I like to explain this part like a chef. When you go to a restaurant you only see the final dish that comes out for you to eat, looking amazing and perfect. What you don’t see is all the ingredients that goes in to that dish before hand. Much like photography, during the course of a wedding day I will take between 1500-2000 photos. I then maticulously cull through these to make sure you are only getting the very best, removing all the closed eyes or looking away shots. Taking the photos is only half the story as adding my own personal style to the images is what sets them apart.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

I currently cap the amount of weddings I shoot per year to make sure that I am able to spend sufficient amounts of time on your photos. Currently I shoot between 35-40 weddings per year and the majority happen between April - October which is considered the peak season. If your dates falls between these months then please let me know asap so I can secure your date.

Do we need to provide you with food on the day?

I say this to all of my couples, it’s completely up to you. Usually venues will be able to provide suppliers with a meal for a very discounted rate (not the rate you are paying for guests) but at the same time I completely appreciate the costs that go in to a wedding day. All I ask is that you let me know either way before the wedding. If you are able to provide food then I will gladly accept but if not I can arrange to bring my own.

What will you wear to our wedding?

During the day, it’s vital for me to be able to blend in and capture those candid moments from your guests so I try to wear something smart casual that fits with the vibe of the wedding, usually a smart shirt with black trousers and boots or if it’s the summer then maybe some tailoered shorts. I think it’s also vital for me to be able to move easily during the day so you will never see me wearing a suit or equivelent as it would not give me the flexibilty to move freely.

How far in advanced can we book?

On the whole, I allow up to 18 months in advanced. If your wedding is further ahead than this then by all means still let me know and I can discuss the options with you.

Is it okay for guests to take photos as well?

Of course, my only caveat to this is to just remind your guests that they are there to enjoy your day and I am there to capture those memories. I wouldn’t want to miss a shot because a guest stepped in front of me with their phone or own camera. I’m a huge fan of unplugged weddings so that you and your guests can stay in the moment and appreciate what is happening in front of you.

Can I see reviews from previous couples?

Certainly, if you head over to my facebook page you will find an array of amazing people that have said some heart warming words!