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5 tips to improve sales using video marketing

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Hi, I'm Jack,


A commercial & property photographer/videographer based in Dorset.

I have been working in the property sector for over 3 years and now more than ever online visual marketing is fast becoming the golden ticket in property sales as well as raising your brand awareness and grip on the local property market. Due to the current global situation many home owners are opting for a more socially distanced way of advertising their properties while not impacting the reach the online marketing has and the speed in which properties sell.

From my own personal experience, the introduction of video marketing has positively increased the speed in which sales are agreed and also the proportion of properties selling for 100%+ of their asking price.

The videos I produce are all shot and delivered in 4k high resolution and my turnaround time for the videos is 48 hours meaning the videos can be uploaded in time for the launch of the property to give maximum scope for a potential buyer.

Below is a FREE property video marketing guide outlining the top 5 ways to interact with your local market and to increase sales.

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Bright, high quality retouched images of the property showing it in it's best light, delivered via online transfer within 48 hours.



35 Pine Road | Property Images-002.jpg


High quality 4k property film including either a voice overlay or customised on brand text delivered via online transfer within 48 hours.



78 Hill View Road | Property Images-001.

Visual Package

The complete marketing asset collection. A combination of the photography and film packages delivered via online transfer within 72 hours.



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3D Property Scanning

With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.


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