What you need to know before making your decision?

When first setting out on my wedding photography journey I said to myself, what would I want my wedding photographer to do? There is a really simple answer and that's I would want the photographer to be an extension of my guests and that's what I try to apply to all my weddings.

If I'm an extension of the guests, they can feel comfortable around me and their true personalities come out without remembering there is a camera there. I really believe that natural photography is a million times better than someone stood saying 'cheese' to a camera. This also applied to you as a couple, when we go out for a couple session to get those memorable moments from your day, this shouldn't be something you're dreading. It should be a time for you and your partner to relax and take some time to reflect on the day and really soak up all of the magical moments that are happening.

While you are soaking up all of those moments I go to work and capture the two of you in your environment. You will rarely see me asking you to look at the camera, obviously there will be a few but the majority of my photos are simply you looking at each other because at the end of the day you'll either laugh, cry or smile at each other and, for me, they give the best shots of all!

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